#WhyI529 Spotlights

Families share their personal stories about why they save with the Learning Quest 529 Plan:

Investing Now to Prepare for Tomorrow


Gary shares his story

Before you know it, off to college


Jeff shares his story

Long Time Savings


Kathrine and John share their story

A saver's approach to investing for college

valerie 95x95.jpeg

Valerie shares her story

Planning + Discipline = Homerun

Jay and family

Jay and Julie share their story

Two Bright Futures

Kaitlyn and Amber

Garry and Jo share their story

A Cheer for Learning Quest!


Marilyn shares her story

A Grandmother’s Dream


Guadalupe shares her story

Investing Early for Kids


Carl shares his story

Anticipating the Future


Daphne and Paul share their story

Starting Early Helps


Jane and Tom share their story

A Practical Solution to College Savings


Mary and Wade share their story

Godparent On Duty


Karen shares her story

Mowing to Savings


Wayne and Luke and Kaleb share their story.

Two College Graduates


The Brown family share their story.

Every Little Bit Makes a Difference


Erica and DJ share their story.

All Doors Open

All Doors Open

Sonja and Brendon share their story.

Do you save for college with Learning Quest?

Dec 95x95.jpg

Tell us your saving story.

Giving grandchildren the chance to soar

Dec 95x95.jpg

Barry and Cindy Mayhew share their story.

Matching grant money makes degree possible

Nov. 95x95.jpg

Cindy Sexton shares her family's story.

Opening 529 account before baby is born

Oct 95x95.png

Lisa and Danny Vachalek share their story.

Contributing to grandson’s future


Rosalie Travis shares her story.

Royals contest winner plans for college

95x95 royals-august 2018.jpg

The Blackwell Family shares their story.

How much does college cost?

July 95x95.png

Kids share their answers.

Honoring a mother’s legacy

2018 June Spotlight 95x95.jpg

The Sauceda family shares their story.

Thanks, Mom and Dad!

mary havens_95x95.jpg

Mary Havens shares her story.

Our children are our future

stanley wine_ 90x90.jpg

Stanley Wine shares his story.

We want to hear from you!


Share your story.

What This Busy Mom Wants for Christmas


Jenny Brown shares her answer.

What Do You Want To Be?

halloween 95x95.jpg

Kids share their answers!

The Best Gift You Can Give


Guadalupe Martinez shares her story

Foresight + Action = Opportunity!

Sept WhyI529 95x95.jpg

Chris Fogliasso shares her story

Simplify Saving for College


The Guenthner Family shares their story

Pay Yourself First


The Grant Family shares their story

Budgeting for College

WhyI529 - June 2017_95x95.jpg

Jenna Dyke shares her story

Making college dreams come true

Schmidt 90X90.jpg

The Schmidt Family of Leawood, Kan., shares their story

Keeping eyes on the prize

WhyI529 April - Stacey 95x95 (002).jpg

Stacey Belford of Overland Park, Kan., shares her story

Planning for the future

WhyI529 March Photo.jpg

Jaimi Hermanson of Olathe, Kan., shares her story

Share Your Story


Tell us your saving story

Giving the gift of higher education


Lori Gunzelman, of Derby, Kan., shares her story

Maximizing college savings


Lisa Brady Ketteler, of Prairie Village, Kan., shares her story

Future looks bright for breast cancer survivor's family


Tracy Russell, of Overland Park, Kan., shares her story

Putting your money to work for you


Chris Goodwin, from Kansas City, Mo., shares his story

Helping grandchildren attend college


Larry Desbian, from Damar, Kan., shares his story

Valuing higher education


Amanda Birdsong of Wichita, Kan., shares her story

Saving early makes a difference


Maria Huggins of Olathe, Kan., shares her story

College Success Story


Jennifer Pumphrey shares her story