Investing with an Advisor

A financial advisor is a good resource for making important decisions for your family - including investing for higher education. Working together, you and your advisor can determine which 529 investment options and strategies are best for achieving your objectives. Plus, you can update your financial strategies periodically as your needs change.

Learning Quest Advisor offers a suite of 529 investment options designed for investors working with advisors, including:

Age-Based Tracks

An age-based investment is just that — it's based on the age of your child. You simply choose the Investment Track: Conservative, Moderate or Aggressive. Then, Learning Quest Advisor will use the track you select and your child's age to determine how to invest your assets. Your investment moves to a more conservative portfolio as your child gets older.

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Static Portfolios

You and your financial professional are in the driver's seat for your account. Static portfolios offer a fixed-allocation strategy, which means the amount of stock and bond mutual funds and cash in the portfolios is set and will not change. Your assets remain in a portfolio until you close the account or you choose to change portfolios, as allowed twice per calendar year. Choose between a Single-Fund or Multi-Fund Static Portfolio.

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