#WhyI529 August Spotlight:
Helping grandchildren attend college

Larry Desbian

Larry Desbian, from Damar, Kan., shares his story:

When did you start saving with Learning Quest?

My wife and I jumped on board when the Kansas Learning Quest 529 Plan was first introduced. We have five children and, at the time, our youngest three kids (Travis, Tracy and Savannah) were still at home with us so we opened accounts for them. It was one of the best decisions we ever made. Our college savings accumulated and it was so simple. When we became grandparents, we decided to give our grandchildren a gift that truly impacts their lives... the gift of a college education.

What spurred your decision?

Honestly, we started to see how many toys our grandchildren received for special occasions that they quickly outgrew and seemed like a waste. So we started giving each of our eight grandchildren $50 for their birthday and $50 for Christmas in their Learning Quest accounts. It became our routine and our children appreciated it. My wife and I got a good laugh out of the Learning Quest holiday commercial because it's so true! But, the older our grandchildren become, the more they appreciate their college funds. It's fun to pull up their accounts online and show our grandchildren how their funds have grown.

Why is it important to you?

College is so expensive. I want my grandchildren to have every opportunity in the world that they choose; but they need a college education in order to have those choices at their fingertips. Learning Quest is a fantastic tool to save early and often, and give them those choices in life. One of my sons has even taken advantage of the K.I.D.S. Matching Grant Program offered through the plan. I can't wait to see what's in store for the future of my grandchildren!