#WhyI529 September Spotlight

Contributing to grandson’s future

It was a light bulb moment, so to speak, when Rosalie Travis realized: “I want to invest in my grandson’s tomorrow; not his today.” Here, she shares why she saves for his college education.


When did you start a 529 plan?

My first grandchild, Nicky Jon, was 6 months old when it dawned on me just how much we were spending on clothes and toys. As a grandparent, you feel like you’re doing your job by buying your grandchildren things. It makes you feel good. But, of course, Nicky Jon had no idea. It all of a sudden seemed like a waste when I could, instead, be making an investment on his behalf to tangibly help his future. I opened a 529 plan and now contribute to his account at holidays and special occasions instead of buying material things.

What do you like best about Learning Quest?

I love that my investment is growing tax-deferred and that qualified 529 withdrawals are tax-free. It just makes sense. Making contributions is easy and fast, so it’s convenient too.

Who knows what Nicky Jon will become? I like that the 529 plan can be used in a variety of ways – a more traditional 4-year college or a trade school or even that the funds can be transferred to another beneficiary, if needed. Bottom line: I think it’s the most flexible way to save for college. It’s heartwarming to know I’m contributing to his future success.

Why is saving for college important to you?

I put my own three children through Catholic elementary and high school and it was a financial burden. When it came time for their own college education, they had to work their way through it. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I want to help Nicky Jon get a head start now because I know saving early makes a difference in the long run.

It’s extremely fulfilling to do anything I can to help my baby’s baby. It’s an amazing feeling to see your child start a family. Nicky Jon is going to have a little sister soon and we are so excited to meet her. I’ll be opening a 529 account for the newest member of our family, too!