A saver's approach to investing for college

Valerie answers to many titles: wife, mother, nurse, aunt, and sister. But to her, nothing compares to being called grandma. Originally promoted to a grandmother in 2005 with the birth of her first grandson, she and her husband, Steve, are now proud grandparents of eight grandchildren ranging in ages five months to 15 years old.

As a lifelong saver, Valerie always knew she wanted to help her grandchildren when it came to investing for their college education. After hearing about the Learning Quest® 529 Education Savings Program on the radio, they began opening accounts for each grandchild.

valerie_300x200.jpegValerie said, “I’m one of eight children. I worked through college and was one of only two siblings to get a college degree. When it came to my kids and grandkids, I wanted to help invest in their futures.”

Although the 529 plan wasn’t available to use when she was raising her kids, she’s grateful she can now use the investment plan for her grandchildren. Valerie and Steve make a gift to each grandchild’s 529 account three times a year: on a grandchild’s birthday, for Christmas, and at the start of the school year. Providing the gift of education is important to Valerie and her family.

“They grow out of their tennis shoes and get tired of their toys,” Valerie said. “But an investment allows us to help shape our grandkids’ futures.”

Valerie and Steve hope their 529 contributions will help their grandchildren achieve their educational dreams someday.  

Valerie said, “They aren’t going to know right away what they want to study. But I hope we can help them get started in the right direction.”

Until then, they’ll continue making one contribution at a time to each of their grandchildren’s 529 accounts.