529 Investment Options

Investments to Fit You

Learning Quest offers a wide range of diversified portfolios—meaning they include a targeted mix of different kinds of investments to help manage risks.

But, How Do You Choose?

Knowing your investing profile—your investing style, how you feel about risk and how long you have to invest—can help. Answer three questions below to discover yours.

Three Answers to Understand Your Investing Profile

1) Start by determining your investing style. How involved do you want to be in managing your investments?

Select which statement best describes you.


Investing is time-consuming and complicated. I may watch the markets, but want a portfolio that adjusts as my student gets closer to college.


Age-Based Tracks

Consider if you are a Do-It-For Me Investor

The portfolio adjusts automatically

Take a simpler approach to managing your investment. As your child gets older, we’ll automatically move the money to a more conservative portfolio or index. Investment professionals also provide oversight within the portfolio based on market conditions.

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I want to be involved and regularly keep tabs on market activity. Deciding when to make a move is important to me.


Static Portfolios

Consider if you are a Do-It-Yourself Investor

You decide when to change

Take the driver’s seat with your investment. Your money stays in the selected portfolio or index until you decide to make a change (moves are allowed two times per calendar year). Investment professionals still provide oversight based on market conditions, but you decide when to change the risk level.

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2) Determine how you feel about risk, or market ups and downs.

Which statement sounds closest to how you would respond if the markets dropped significantly (such as by 15 to 20%).

I can’t sleep at night just thinking about it! I don’t want to lose money.

I’ll wait and see how long this lasts before I change anything. It won’t be this way forever.

Doing my happy dance because investments are cheaper and I can buy more shares.





Age-Based Tracks

Consider a track based on your risk comfort level.

Conservative, Moderate or Aggressive Tracks

Consider the track that matches your risk comfort level. The child’s age and the risk level can be used to determine the asset mix—the percentage of stock and bond funds, and cash included in the portfolio.


Index Track

The child’s age can be used to determine which risk index your investment starts in. The portfolios invest in index funds that track the performance of different indices.

Static Portfolios

Consider a portfolio by risk level.

Very Conservative to Very Aggressive Portfolios

Consider a diversified mutual fund portfolio based on your comfort with risk. Your chosen risk level can be used to determine the asset mix.


Index Portfolio

Consider an index portfolio that matches your comfort level with risk. The portfolios invest in index funds that track the performance of different indices.

3) How long do you have to invest (applies to Static Portfolios)?

The child’s current age and the year they will start college may be considered as investing guidelines.

Portfolios in the Age-Based Track already take into consideration how long you have to invest.

Age-Based Tracks

Built-In Time Horizon

The track you choose already considers your child’s age and how long before your child reaches college age

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10 or more years to invest?

Five to 10 years to invest?

Less than five years to invest?

Immediate Needs?

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Static Portfolios

Consider Your Time Horizon

Consider the portfolio that aligns with your risk comfort level, but also consider how much time you have to invest when choosing which asset mix is right for you.

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