The future shines bright for this family of 7

Education has always been top of mind for Brad and Dana.

Both educators themselves, they turned to the Learning Quest® 529 Education Savings Program more than 10 years ago to start investing for their children’s futures. At the time, they were parents to daughters Mackenzie, Whitney, and Baileigh. As the years went by, their family continued to grow with the arrival of Kylie and Carter.

Brad said, “As educators, we see the benefits of having access to a quality education. That’s why we decided to open 529 plans for our kids.”

The family opted to use Learning Quest after hearing about the program from a friend. Compared to other investment plans, Brad found that the 529 plan had more advantages and flexibility.

Brad and Dana routinely contributed to each 529 plan. When their oldest daughter graduated from high school, Brad found it easy to withdraw funds from her investment account. “We could not have had a better experience than the one we’ve had with Learning Quest,” Brad said. “The representatives always thoroughly answer my questions and make the process easy to withdraw or transfer funds.”

Mackenzie has since graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in public relations. With leftover funds in her 529 account, her parents rolled this money over to her sibling’s accounts.

Her sisters, Whitney and Baileigh, followed in their big sister’s footsteps and attend the same university. As a junior, Whitney hopes to become a physician and plans to take the MCAT soon. With Mackenzie as her role model, Baileigh is also majoring in public relations.

As for the youngest two siblings, at 8 and 5-years-old, they have plenty of time before heading off to college. Until then, Brad and Dana continue to contribute to their 529 accounts.

Brad said, “There is no better investment than investing in the future of your children.”