Putting Five Grandkids On Solid Footing

As a retired college professor who works today as an AARP tax preparer, Jim knows a thing or two about the value of planning ahead for higher education. He opened Learning Quest® 529 accounts for his five grandchildren before each turned five years old so the investments would have at least 10 to 15 years in the stock market.

“I knew if I put money into their accounts early and regularly, the contributions would add up in time to benefit their college education,” Jim said. His eldest grandson, Ethan, graduated a few years ago and works today as a pharmacist. Elise is a sophomore at the University of Kansas, working toward her goal of becoming a dentist. Eli heads to KU in the fall, and Mia and Emma are in high school in Wichita.

Jim invested in his grandchildren’s 529 plans with hopes the funds would cover tuition. He set up annual contributions to the plans every summer. And when it came time to start making tuition payments, Learning Quest made sure the funds were properly handled and recorded.

At one point, KU changed the address for tuition payments, and Jim found out after he sent a check for Elise.

“Learning Quest cancelled the payment, got a new address and sent a new payment. This is the kind of personalized service I’ve had,” Jim said. He also appreciates the regular emails about the status of his accounts and overall market activity.

“It’s important for investors to know how your money is doing. Learning Quest is quick to keep you updated. They can’t control the market, but they can keep us informed and that’s what I like,” Jim said.

Today, his grandchildren’s life goals are within reach as a result of his advance planning.

“If kids can get out of college with the smallest amount of debt possible, that’s a big plus.”