She’s a mother and a student herself

To be able to tell our kids we’re invested in them not just for today, but for their whole lives, shows them how much we care about them,” explains Analisa, mother of four and a student herself. She’s working toward her master’s degree and seeing first-hand how a Learning Quest account could help support someone’s life goals.

Analisa and her husband set up an account for their oldest daughter several years ago, putting away $25 a month. As their family grew, they opened an account for each of their children.

Analisa thinks of Learning Quest as a “cushion” to make it easier for her kids to balance work and school when they get to college. And when she returned to school herself two years ago, she realized that cushion could help her family even sooner. The flexibility of a Learning Quest account makes it possible for her to tap into the funds for her own college expenses.*

“I’ve needed supplies for school, books and a new computer. We try to forecast two semesters out what we think we need, and sometimes we make a large lump sum contribution,” Analisa says. This is in addition to the $50 monthly contributions going into each child’s account today. Analisa says having a Learning Quest account helps the family budget better by making them more mindful of where their money goes each month.

“We believe in short-term sacrifice for long-term gain. If we can live on less now, it’ll be better for the future. We always look at how we can save before we look at how we can spend,” she says. “With Learning Quest, we are putting our money toward what matters most to us: family and education.”

*Learning Quest allows you to change your beneficiary to another eligible "member of the family"(as per plan rules). See link for more details.