Static Portfolios

Static portfolios put you in the driver's seat for your account. They offer a fixed-allocation strategy, which means that the amount of stock and bond mutual funds and cash in the portfolios is set and will not change. You decide how long you need or want to stay invested in a static portfolio.

If you select a static portfolio, your college savings account will remain in that portfolio until the account is closed or until you change portfolios, as allowed twice per calendar year. You also may change your portfolio selection when there is a change of beneficiary for the account.

There are two types of portfolios: Diversified Portfolios and Index Portfolios.

Diversified Portfolios

These 13 portfolios offer you a diversified investment based on your comfort with risk. They range from very aggressive to very conservative, and include a cash account option, so you can invest based on your comfort with risk. These portfolios are also used in the age-based conservative, moderate and aggressive tracks. The difference is when you select one of these portfolios as a static portfolio, you decide when it is time to make a change.

Index Portfolios

These portfolios invest in index funds that track the performance of different benchmark indices.