Plan Flexibility

The Learning Quest Education Savings Program makes it easy to save and gives you flexibility.

Funds may be used at accredited higher education institutions anywhere in the United States such as 2- or 4-year college, vocational school or technical college, and graduate school. It may also be used at any K-12 education institutions. Your child does NOT need to attend college in your home state. Learning Quest is available in all states.

529 qualified expenses include:

  • Tuition
  • Mandatory fees
  • Books
  • Supplies
  • Equipment
  • Computers
  • Internet access
  • Computer software (excluding gaming)
  • Qualifying room and board costs

Benefits of Saving versus Borrowing

Investing early and often in a 529 education savings account puts you in control. This allows you to maximize the power of compounding funds and reduce reliance on future loans. Nothing helps your account grow like time. Here's an example:

Investment Growth

Assumes: Initial investment of $2,000 monthly investment of $250, 6% interest rate, and saving for 18 years.

The examples are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent any particular type of loan. The loan is based on an interest rate of 7% and assumes it is paid off in 10 years. The calculators do not include inflation or any fees associated with the loan. Your results could be different and will depend on the type of loan.


See the difference a plan can make on out-of-pocket expenses.

$139,440 Total out-of-pocket using loans
-$56,000 Total out-of-pocket with a college savings plan
Out-of-pocket difference