Fees & Expenses

The total fee may vary slightly depending on the actual expenses of the funds in which the portfolios invest. Select the fee or expense name at the top of each column for a description. Additional fee information is listed following the table.

Learning Quest Portfolio
Fees & Expenses
Learning Quest Portfolios Underlying
Fund Expenses1 ?
Management Fee ?
Portfolio Fee ?
Very Aggressive Portfolio 0.68% 0.20% 0.88%
Aggressive Portfolio 0.60% 0.20% 0.80%
Moderate Portfolio 0.57% 0.20% 0.77%
Conservative Portfolio 0.54% 0.20% 0.74%
Very Conservative Portfolio 0.43% 0.20% 0.63%
Short-Term Plus Portfolio 0.38% 0.20% 0.58%
Short-Term Portfolio 0.26% 0.20% 0.46%
Aggressive Index Portfolio N/A N/A 0.38% 1
Moderate Index Portfolio N/A N/A 0.38% 1
Conservative Index Portfolio N/A N/A 0.38% 1
100% Equity Portfolio 0.72% 0.20% 0.92%
Total Growth Index Portfolio 0.03% 0.20% 0.23%
500 Index Portfolio 0.04% 0.20% 0.24%
Balanced Index Portfolio 0.07% 0.20% 0.27%
Total Bond Market Index Portfolio 0.04% 0.20% 0.24%
Money Market Portfolio 0.23% N/A 0.23%

Underlying Fund Expenses

Each Learning Quest portfolio realizes its pro-rata share (weighted average) of the fees and expenses of the underlying funds in which it invests. The amount of the underlying fund expense charged to a portfolio is based on the amount of each fund held and the expense ratio of that fund. In the case of portfolios that have only one underlying fund, the expense realized is the annual operating expense of the one underlying fund.

Program Management Fee

The program management fee is charged to a portfolio for expenses incurred, including the administration and management of the program. The fee is currently at an annual rate of 0.20%, and is charged against the assets of all the portfolios except the Learning Quest Money Market Portfolio, Learning Quest Aggressive Index Portfolio, Learning Quest Moderate Index Portfolio and Learning Quest Conservative Index Portfolio.

Total Portfolio Fee

The total fee may vary slightly depending on the actual expenses of the funds in which the portfolios invest. The investment return of each portfolio will be net of the underlying fund expenses and the program management fee (if applicable), as described above.

The fees and expenses listed on this page are for accounts established directly with Learning Quest. You also may establish a Learning Quest college savings account through a financial advisor. Investing through an advisor may result in additional fees, please contact your financial advisor for more information.

Additional Fees & Information

A returned investment fee may be automatically deducted from your account each time one of the following occurs:

  • An investment has a stop payment placed on it.
  • A check or electronic transfer is drawn on insufficient funds.
  • A check has irregularities, including, but not limited to, a questionable signature.

The program administrator reserves the right to charge fees for special services required for any Account Owner.