529 college savings plan benefits

Family and friends can contribute with Ugift®

Ugift is an easy, free-to-use service from Learning Quest that lets family and friends make the meaningful gift of a contribution toward your student's college education.

  • Easy for gift-givers: They don't have to join, register, or pay a service fee. They can make gift contributions online through electronic bank transfer or by check.

  • Easy for you: Gift contributions are specifically coded to your Learning Quest account, so there's no extra paperwork for you.

Get started now

Thousands of families around the country have already received over 100 million dollars in gift contributions through Ugift. They've seen first-hand the generosity of family and friends who want to give the gift of education, and you can, too! 

Get a Ugift code for your beneficiary's account. Share the Ugift code with family and friends, and they can make gift contributions whenever they want at Ugift529.com.*

Learn more here: Ugift FAQs

*By getting a Ugift code, others will be able to view your and your beneficiary's names if they enter your Ugift code at Ugift529.com.