#WhyI529 May Spotlight: Daughter Earns Degree Debt-Free

Here's Jennifer Pumphrey of Overland Park, Kan., story:

When did you start saving?
About a decade ago when 529 Plans became available. We started by simply contributing $50 a month via payroll deduction. We didn't even miss the money because it never hit our bank account. Over the years, we increased our contributions for both our daughters, Audrey and Maya. Audrey just graduated from KU, and her Learning Quest account paid for her entire degree!

What do you like best about the plan?
How easy it is to manage with payroll deduction and transferring funds. We paid Audrey's tuition bill directly through the Learning Quest site with just a few clicks. It even gives you the option to save school information, so you don't have to keep re-entering it every time a bill is due. It's so simple!

How did it make a difference?
Audrey isn't saddled with debt, which is a great gift to give your child. We hope to do the same for Maya, who is about to graduate high school. Our Learning Quest accounts gave us options and flexibility while choosing a college because we knew the funds were there. Not having to worry about paying for college is a huge relief!